Need some followers on Facebook? Why don’t you buy some!

Hello, I am a 20 years old guy from Kolkata, India. I am a student of Electronics and Communication Engineering and also a musician by hobby. I love to write and compose songs, and, sing along with my guitar. I make videos of myself singing my self-composed songs with guitar strums and upload them on YouTube. I also share the links to those videos on Facebook account. This has helped me in getting many likes and views, but I dreamt big! My friend list alone was not helping me to reach out to a wider audience. Hence, I was in a need of followers to expand my target audience, which I haven’t had many until I decided to buy followers on facebook.

Why should you buy followers on Facebook?

I have my accounts on many other social networking sites like Vine, Instagram and Twitter, but none of them serves my purpose better than Facebook, where I can get comments on my shared videos. But as it is said that “a successful man is incomplete without his followers”, my goal of becoming one such person would not be fulfilled without having people to follow me. I wanted people to be notified whenever I shared some video so that they could view and appreciate it. Having a larger target audience was not my sole criteria, but also getting projected into the eyes of some ambitious people who would like me to work with them on their music projects.

There are many businessmen, who need to promote themselves through Facebook, for their startup projects. Advertisement on the social networking site requires a lot of money. So, having a decent number of followers will enable them popularize their business schemes or products much easily. Thus, if you are an artist, you can make a good fan base, and, if you are a businessman, you can get a good customer base. But if you lack followers then it is time to buy followers on facebook!

Apart from these, if you are a social network addict and love to have loads of likes and comments on your posts but want to keep your friend list limited, then it is also beneficial for you to buy followers on facebook.

How to buy more Facebook followers?

Buying followers is like a domino effect! Once you have a good number of followers, it influences other person’s psyche and make you more likely to be followed. Thus, your followers expand in number which in turn influences more people to follow you. It is true that buying followers on Facebook is more expensive than on any other social networking site, but it is really worth the money you will spend. There are services available online which offer several packages according to your need and budget. The least expensive package is about $9 that will buy you 500 followers with a bonus of 3 more followers. The most expensive one comes to $159, which will provide you with 20,000 followers with a bonus of 200 followers. These deliveries are made in 1-2 days if the least expensive package is chosen. It may vary upto 5-10 days depending upon the package bought.

For myself, I had bought the package of $26 for 2,000 followers. I got a bonus of thirty followers and my order was delivered in 3 days time. Other services are also available where Facebook promotes you as a subscription suggestion to other Facebook users. This helps you to get more followers every day. These services are quite cheap and also offers a money back guarantee.

Hence, I suggest you to choose the packages very carefully and consider their customer reviews before you decide to buy followers on facebook.

Vine: The Latest Craze in the social world

If you love sharing videos with your friends, then Vine is the app for you. It is the leading social networking site which allows you to upload 6 second length videos. It became popular in a short while mainly due to the backing of twitter. Like all other social networking sites, there is provision for people to like and follow each other. And if you feel left out when you do not have sufficient followers, you can always buy Vine followers. I am hooked into Vine since I love sharing videos over photos.


• It is the official video site for twitter. And thus it is very easy to follow each other through twitter accounts.
• The 6 second time limit is not a limitation, I feel it is a challenge to showcase your creativity within that six seconds. The likes and number of followers is the reward for your creativity. If you fell you are not being rewarded justly, then you can always buy Vine followers.


Even though I am very much into Vine, it has certain flaws.
• It is not available on every platform yet.
• I will advise the parents to monitor the contents of their child, since Vine is infested with explicit adult contents.

How effective is Vine as a marketing tool

Even though Vine is the leading video sharing social networking site, not many people are familiar with it. It has been launched in June 2012 and has been acquired by twitter. Thus it is more commonly known as the video sharing app for twitter and twitter users are generally familiar with it. Nowadays social networks are the hot spot for business marketing and promotion. Business firms and companies have already started using Vine for marketing purposes.

As a tool for Marketing

I came to know about Vine in the last year. I had been very interested by its scope for business promotion since I own a small business of my own. Vine uses an in-app camera to shoot and upload videos of maximum length of 6 seconds. I realized that this app can be used to share video teasers for our upcoming products. This can be more effective than uploading simple pictures. But in order to ensure that you have a good number of viewers for your videos, you will have to acquire a large number of followers. This can be done easily. You can simply buy Vine followers with the help of money.

Vine is suited for business promotion, since it is easy to share the videos uploaded here on other social networking sites. Also since it is a mobile app, you can use it for business promotion anywhere and anytime.

How effective is Vine

Even though you can buy Vine followers in exchange of money, you won’t get real followers in substantial numbers since Vine has not reached the popularity level of the other social networking sites. And the fact that it is available in only a few platforms hampers its accessibility. So, I will advise you to refrain from spending a large sum of money for using Vine as a marketing tool.

Videos promoting a product have significant impact on the audience

Gone are the days when you had to go around and invest dollars on promoting a product. Not only it consumed time but also had no guarantee of giving optimum returns. In this era of the internet business men seems to have thee platter served on their table. The social networking sites does much more than connecting people. Though marketing has become much easy but then nothing comes free of cost. Competition has become stiff. There are many other competitors trying to market their product.

Vine service is something you cannot afford to miss. Telling your stories in short is a cool. The 6 minutes video that vine uploads should speak about your product. When I was publicizing my products brand name I made it a point to make the videos interesting and eye appealing. Its only when you get many likes, comments and followers, you can promote the product. For this I decided to buy vine followers.

Why vine over others?

It becomes difficult to manage so many profiles for different sites but the fact is we do not need all of them, just a few useful one is enough and among those few vine is a must! Building on your brand name through social media has never been this easy since the inception of vine. If you are looking to increase the customer base of your company through social media then you need to buy vine followers to gain more exposure.

Ways to make the most out of vine

My company is based on cosmetics. I sell them with my own brand name. I made lots of vine videos for the promotion of my products. I approached my friends to act in some of them. Besides that I also made animated videos with stop motion and trust me they worked well in the social upfront. My followers revined my vine videos and this way it gathered quite a large number of followers. However through my experience I learnt few facts about making the most out of vine.

One trick you can follow is to engage your customers or fans to make videos of your product. It might contain their reviews or anything interesting. You should encourage them to market your product. They can make the videos and attach them with a branded hash tag.

Also, it’s not necessary always to include everything about business. You can share some historical trivia related to the industry. Besides that you can engage your customers and post a trivia question and later answer it through a vine video.

One more way of attracting followers is by holding up small contests which might include some general questions. Like I once held a contest for my cosmetics. The fans had to answer questions related to cosmetics in general and the prize for answering was a voucher from my brand. This not only attracted non-followers but also did some sales promotion for my product.

Last and the most important advice from my personal experience would be to buy vine followers. But do make a good market research about the seller. It will definitely assure you goo returns.